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The Voyage of Awkward Vulnerability

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Some believe that a journey

Can start with a single step

Whether on a gravel walkway

Or just getting out of bed everyday

What happens when the trip in question

Has never been taken before

Not the kind that involves plane tickets

The one that allows people to wear

Hearts on their sleeves instead of bathing suits

Now that's the real adventure

One that's tests your mettle as a person

Revealing hidden truths without fear

Of rejection, revulsion or comical laughter

Doubt clouding the mirror of perception

To the point where nothing can be clearly seen

Reality or otherwise conceived by the deluded

Palms sweating to the point where nothing can stick

Hands in an unnatural bath of nerves and perspiration

Words getting lost in line at Airport customs

Hanging out in the duty free shop

Looking for the right time to come out of hiding

Anxiety fading into the abyss one fateful night

Time to take the metaphorical plunge

Consequences good or bad

Best to say what needs to be said

Since tomorrow is never a certainty in life

Whether it's reciprocated in kind or not.

What happens when faulty perception hinders actual reality?

What happens when faulty perception hinders actual reality?

© 2017 heather92383

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