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The Voting Machine

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I want to be the president, President
of the United States of America; I want to
run an election campaign, debate
on television, inject my thoughts into the minds
of millions of voters; I want to do this, sleep
and repeat — in all the 195 countries
in the world.

I want to make everyone beautiful, fit
and healthy, I want to make every man
a millionaire. I shall make each man
a billionaire.
But what after that? What shall I do
afterwards — how shall I pass and kill my
time? What shall I ever do?

I shall open a paper-mill, and write
poetry on my privately manufactured
I shall become the Bill Gates of animal
rights; and open feline orphanage centers
all over the world.
I shall make movies, and cast Johnny Depp
in most of them — I shall pass my
time watching the Stargate sequence of
the 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I shall provide free meals to musicians
twice daily, all over the world.

I shall rewrite the code of life, and access
the secret code~box of the universe.

I shall make every man have three
heads, and every woman, five;
I shall thrive on my accomplishments,
and create a duplicate copy of the earth,
for my leisure.

I shall create my own heaven.
I shall design my own hell.
I shall.
I can!