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The Visitor We Always Pray For #2

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Thence, they were living in a house with other tenants. His wife told him that she was

Aware of all those, that why should those be bothering him again now. Then, he continues, I

Know you know all of those, but there was a regular incident that used to happen that I do not

Think I have ever shared with you, and that is what I want to share. As his wife, draws a

Seat near him to listen to his story. He says, there was a colleague of my father, he died three

Years before our marriage. This man and my parents finished from the same school years

Back. My father could not continue with his studies as he got married to my wife. He

However continues with his studies and finished as an accountant. He was working in one of

The banks in the island. He is a manager of the bank he was working in. He occasionally pays

Us a visit and whenever he visits us, my mother would prepare delicious meals for him,

Special meal, the kind of meal we used to eat during the festive periods, like Christmas

Period. My mother would say of the man that he was the one who single handedly sponsored

Their wedding, for her parents do not want her to marry my father because of the

Financial status of my father. But my mother loves my father very greatly and had told her

Parents that everything is not money, that it is either she marries my father or she would not

Get marry at all. As she continues to drag this with her parents according to what she

Says, my father’s friend got to know of the development, and he says when they were in the

High School that it was my father who used to teach her accounting and financial studies, “he

Was one of the best graduating students during our set, it was quite appalling that he

Cannot further his academics” he has told me one day when he visited our home, adding that

I must do all I can to further my education. So, my mother says when he got to know of the

Worrisome situation he was passing through and the demand of my mother’s parents on

Him he decided to come into the scene and he raised my father up financially, gave him some

Money with which he expands his business and also money to pay the dowry of my mother

Among other things he needed for the success of the wedding. This is outside the fact that

He also ensures that he sets up the parlor and the room that my father has rented so that it will

Meet to the taste of my mother’s parents and siblings. My mother says, after this man has

Done this for her love, she has asked one of her siblings to see her to my father’s

Apartment and on getting to the apartment and seeing what was in place, when he returns

Home he was the one who told their parents that my father’s status has changed that they

Welcome Song

Should allow his sister to get married to my father. Well on saying this to our father my

Mother adds that, my parents had to visit the shop of my father to see if the shop has been

Expanded and if there are goods there. When they got to the shop and see that the shop has

Been expanded and there are goods there, they thereafter soft-pedals and agrees that my

Mother continues to date my father. Some weeks after this, they got married. This that the

Man done for my father is why my mummy whenever the man comes visiting us, she cannot

But go extra mile to ensure that she satisfies him. However, whenever my mother is doing

This the man would continue to tell her that she does not need all those, because her husband

Who is my father has “sprinkled waters on the grounds ahead of him and he cannot but walk

On wet and soft ground” this is a proverb meaning one would reap what one has sown, he

Has done good things by trying to teach him when they were in High School and now he

Cannot but reap the reward of his works. My mummy too would reply that it is not many

People that know that, because it was not only him that my father was coaching then, but

None of them except him remembers my father. After saying this, she will continue with her

Works while my father and his friend continues to talk in the sitting room. after she finishes

Preparing the foods and set the table before him, he will not eat more than one percent of

The food stating that the thing that pains women most is you not tasting out of their meals,

Their sweats. After tasting about one percent of the meal, he will equally give my mother

Money, and all of us their children would be given money. After he has done this, for the

Next two or more days we shall be eating delicious meals because he will also bring with him

Some food items. So all of us the children used to pray that the man always come visiting us,

But he does not come regularly for he used to travel for meetings with other executives of

The banks at other islands and in another country. This is what crosses my mind as I sit down

This day, my mind thought about the man, the status of my parents, and the status we are in

Now. It is you and I, my wonderful darling that the Lord has bestowed all these blessings

Upon, glory be unto the name of that Lord. His wife replies, we thank God for good people

Who have passed through this world, it is those good people who have made living in the

World a worthwhile one else greater percentage of the people of the world would be

committing suicide daily because of the act of the wicked people. It is good to be good his wife states. Let us thank God for good people. My Pride, My Joy, My Love, I have set the table, let us go and eat, she says…