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The Visitor We Always Pray For #1

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He sits at the balcony of his house, looking straight ahead of him into the firmament, not

Looking at anything directly, he does not know when his wife got to his side, for he has been

Subsumed in his thoughts, “what could he be thinking about?” His wife asks herself, he has

Obviously been lost on his seat. She thought he would be brought back to the present as

She moves closer to him because at any slightest movement of things he used to turn where

He sits or sleeps such that sometimes I used to wonder if he is ever sleeping at all and or

Maybe he has another eye at the occipital region of his head. But having been living

Together for sometimes now, I know he has no additional eye at the occipital region of his

Head, it is just that he is always extra-careful, and according to what he says when I asked

Him why he used to behave like that he has told me a story about some people who have

Visited their house one evening, no one knew the that those people could be thieves for they

Dressed well, looking corporate and had entered their house asking for directions from some

Of the elder ones within the house. In the meanwhile while asking of the directives from

The people, two of them have been sampling their house which is not a flat like the house the

Educated people are living in, in my island. As they were doing this, he was busy playing

With his friend, the children of one of the neighbors, not minding those people, for

According to the belief of their island, children should not intrude in what the elders are

Saying, they should mind their businesses. While they continue with their play, they moved

To the backyard because the house is fenced and has large expanse of land. While they

Moved back, the people then penetrated the house and lure the elder people to a side, while

They stole some of their properties. It was after their departure that they returned into the

ABBA: The Visitors

House, while they entered the house, his parent beat him for failing to take note of the

People and have been subsumed in his play with his friend one of the children of their

Neighbors inundated with his thoughts that his is just a boy. His father told him that he needs

To always be alert to what is happening in the surrounding because he is growing up, and

Soon he will get married, when he gets married he will be the head of the family. Assuming

You have stayed in doors that day, even if you are playing there, they may not have the

Audacity to penetrate deeper and do all they have done that day, his father told him. Since

The time of that incident, his parents have been focusing on him, training him that he should

Be “acting responsibly” and “sleeping responsibly” not like someone who is not responsible.

This they say when they wake him up when they noticed that he has been sleeping for

Hours. These have been the incidents that changed his sleeping pattern, looking pattern, and

He has been paying special attention to many things around such that even if a fly flies

Behind him, he will turn his head to see the fly. But today, he has been siting there, lost in

His thoughts and would not notice his wife that she has gotten behind her. This disturbs her

Gravely. Until she touched him he was unaware of the events and incidents happening in her

Immediate vicinity. When he was touched, he jerked up, sighed and his wife asks him

What the matter was with him, that could make him not to know when she gets behind him

And she has been standing behind him for quite a while. He thanked her, telling her that he

Does not know what has come over him that day, and his mind just flashed back to his

Elementary days, when he was yet growing up, the status of his family for they were poor.

Although not very poor, but they cannot be ranked among the averagely living people in their

community, neither were they at the base of the pyramid of poverty in the island, but very close to the base.


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