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The Virosphere

I'm a caregiver and an artist. I received high honors in creative writing, fine arts, and sculpture at Montserrat College of Art.

The Virosphere

The Virosphere

The Virosphere

The Virosphere

Viruses exist all over the world. By interacting with their hosts. Lets just hope you're not diagnosed.

International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses. Coined the phrase, after that it was a worldwide craze.

Reaching places far and wide. Viruses have the ability to hide.

On the rocks, in a river, living in space they shake and they quiver.

Showing us a diversity of virus types. The Virosphere shows us the light.

Part of the living world; viruses are key. They help to keep things running nice and orderly.

Have a fever or a headache. If it's a virus you should call the medic.

Every environment has them. They are over one hundred million strong. Viruses are amazing with life spans short and long.

Relevant life forms that may be older than bacteria. These little guys can cause panic and hysteria.

Evolution of species; they help us to grow. The Virosphere is important, now scientists know.

© 2019 Jason Nicolosi

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