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The Vicissitudes of Life - Life Is a Mystery; We Just Have to Walk in Faith

Joyette Fabien is an author, editor, proof reader and is now publishing here, some of her poems from as far back as 1984

As we pause to take stock along the journey of life


The Gyres

Sometimes it seems life has no center:

When all around collapses

And stars refuse to shine

When all the earth just crumbles

And the sun no longer smiles

I just think,

Life has no center!

The Wells

Life is full of ups and downs:

There’s an ancient well

Where my fortune lies

In the pail that rises

But then it always goes down again

I ask myself then,

“Why is life made up of so many ups and downs?”

The Wall

Life is full of misunderstandings:

Through the mist ahead

I can’t distinguish the wall

From the trees

Through the mist ahead

I might walk straight into disaster

Or into the arms of good fortune

I think,

Life is so filled with uncertainty!

The Seesaws

Life is full of rises and dips:

Our fortunes are unpredictable

We’re on a seesaw

You go up; I go down

Then I go up; you go down

The seesaw breaks; we both fall

You have your ups

That’s when I have my downs

I have my ups

That’s when you have your downs

But there’s a down time when you and I and all of us

Fall down

There’s an up to every down

And a down to every up

And an all down?

And an all up?


The Solution

With the gyres

The wells

The seesaws

I think

No, I believe

In fact, I am quite sure

That the solution to life’s vicissitudes is to

Walk in faith!


Walk in the Way of the Cross


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© 2022 Joyette Helen Fabien

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