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The Vessel on the Mountain

an angel in rest on high
an angel in wait faraway
mending a torn heart
one holding the needle
the other the thread
for what must be done
was for both together
not just one instead

they carried the vessel up the mountain
for they knew of the fortune in the hold

her golden softness of love and kindness

no matter the struggle
no matter the pain

and as she floated quietly
like a movie in her mind
came a memory from a life
came a dream from a hope
and a curtain would drop
and a curtain would open

what she thought empty
was actually full
a treasure only they knew well

a prayer of tears
a cry of joy
the binding tie
of yesterday
and tomorrow
mated in a sigh

he could finally rest
in the place of her birth
he could finally breathe
in the place of her life

and as the wings suddenly appeared
her heart was filled with the knowing
that the past was not lived in vain
and the future was no longer alone
for in each hand there was love
guiding the sweet vessel home

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