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The Verse of Creation

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

The Verse Creation

The Verse Creation

It is said that in the beginning, God created the Earth.

And the word was with God

It is the same word given unto babies at birth

Echoing through the mother’s womb without any pitch making a drop

The Universe holds the notes of creation

A Unified Verse echoing in the deep waters, through the air of every nation

Is it God’s gong? Or a Buddhist hum?

Is it a metrical rhythm, rolling off Elohim’s tongue?

What is that sound that commands the waters to settle?

What is the sound which breaks the thunders and causes the heavens to tremble?

One verse, the universe is the sound of sounds

In it is life, change, death, and all we can see around

Deep, so deep

Strong, so strong

It causes the waters to ripple

Yet powerful enough to create a Titanic storm

You are part of that verse of creation

That unified verse which sinks into our subconscious and gives us mental elevation

Settle down now, quiet down and listen

To the sound of the Earth and feel the vibration of every citizen

Don't you hear it? No, it is not a finger tap or a pen clicking

It is the tree of life in Africa dancing on the wind, blowing out blessings?

It is the quietness of the wind and the waves the ocean brings

It is the sound of Elohim, the master architect, the only king

Om, Om, the sound resonates and heals

creating a balance in flesh and spirit breaking all seals

Come, meditate for a while and cleanse yourself of fleshly matters

Come and be one with and comprehend the verse of creation

© 2018 Clive Williams

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