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The Vast Blue Territory

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I'm studying bioengineering. Sometimes I obtain my poetry topics from nature and try to connect it to some of my science subjects

There is a place remained unexplored

These massive bodies of water is created by the Lord

Though a part of it is already discovered

Its whole territory is not yet covered

There are many unseen creatures underwater

It is a big challenge for the explorer

To withstand the great pressure below

Light is unknown here but some creatures glow

Knowledge about its content attracts many

But only a few dared to see

Most of it is covered with mystery

Which adds up to its beauty

It is not somewhere anyone can play

It is not a place you can explore in a day

There are monsters under other people say

But can we confirm it, is there a way?

Do you believe in myths about it?

Do you have the guts to discover what’s underneath?

Courage is needed to learn its contents

Is a piece of its massive content our extent?

Success in entering its territory deep down

Many have planned, but are afraid to drown

How wide is it, is it worth to see?

Can we surpass our limit and make a discovery?

There are different kinds of creature that is being uncovered

Deep within the ocean a Basket Star is discovered

Are the creatures deep within the sea harmful?

If that’s the case we need to be careful

Our curiosity will push us to study the unknown

In this big world we live in are we alone

Or there are creatures down below

That is waiting for us to know

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