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The Value of One's Attitude

I like literature. Poetry opens my mind. Lyrics are a rhythm for me to move along to during the day. I'm a lyricist for Gudda Boi Classics.

The Embroidery of Gemstones in a Garment


The value of one's attitude is tested like a garment.

The value of one's attitude is in command.

A discovery of gemstones: red, yellow, purple, green, orange, black and brown.

There is a jasper. There is an onyx. There is a ruby. There is a sapphire. There is acacia wood. There is gold, silver, and bronze.

I have found 4 gemstones in my memory. A jasper is green. I remember that go means green. I remember that red means stop and that stop may be a ruby to catch my attention. A blue in the galaxy means cool. In mystery of black may be a star.

One gem in a room means value. That gem is like the courageous one in command. Red is bold and Moses is bold in Leviticus. There are followers. At the temple of meeting, are they paying attention to the statutes or the gems?

Statutes have a purpose and gems can serve as a purpose as well like statues. Gemstones have value and statutes can have value as well, remember?

Remember statues?

Remember statues?

Remember a statue

Remember a statute?

Remember a statue of liberty?

Remember a statute of liberty?

Remember them because of there gems or because of there past afflictions. Remember them for there ability to withstand hardship with grace to woven together garments of beauty and not self mutilation by bondage in slavery by following the holy precepts in the commands.

1. Clean with water.

2. Remember water.

Remember water?

3. Keep water clean.

4. Keep water clean and it will clean.


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