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The Untamable Creature from the Internal Black Lagoon

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Hard to maintain a decently high level of optimism

After one too many bumps and detours in the road

Realized that life was full of pivots and construction work

Just wished that it didn't always happen all at once

Made the smaller things a million times bigger

More annoying when trivial matters came into forefront

Reaching imaginary goals hidden from naked eye

Society placed a high amount of pressure on everyone

Secretly forced to check off certain life milestones

Before you reached a particular age when judgment

Appeared and fingers wagged at being behind the eight ball

Women received that scornful look more than men

That tended to age better than fine wine and dated younger models

Deemed the playfully ruthless playboy moniker as a term of endearment

Ladies transformed into mauling cougars looking for a mate

Annoyed that men seem to get away with almost anything

While women are more closely examined for all the wrong reasons

Scary type of horror movie that allowed villains to walk around freely

Monsters are most definitely real; just not obvious

Coming in different forms, shapes, sizes, etc.

Disguised wolves dressed the clothing of meek sheep

Promised repeatedly to walk the walk when just all talk

Quoted the right words and swoon worthy lines of romance

Actually, it was just Seduction 101 to get prey to loosen up

Letting their guard down long enough to get swindled out

Of valuable sentiment that should've been given

To better quality suitors who meant what they said

Believed in their words and followed through with them

Unsure if authentic romance was in this specific deck of cards

Diluted the last go around into believing in complete hogwash

Too cynical and almost became clinical at anything whimsical

Privately dreamed of a great non-existent partnership

Too scared to step out of the shadows into the spotlight

Being exposed to the elements and the hustlers

Eager to pick apart what's unique and worthy

Leaving behind the broken and unrepairable pieces

That take much longer to fix, often needing a specialist to do so

Been locked away in a dark box for too long

Somewhat ready to step back onto center stage

Armed to the teeth and ready to fight back against those tempted

To attack and destroy what came out of the ashes

No longer under the pretext of good intentions

Searching for integrity and those with the foresight to give back

Honesty and a semi-even split of responsibility

Sounded rather unrealistic; won't take anything less than that

Went through very rough tides for half-baked promises of tomorrow

Time to be the captain of this ship and its maiden voyage

Even if it sinks.

A role almost impossible to play nowadays.

A role almost impossible to play nowadays.