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The Unnamed Hero

I have always loved writing poetry. I like drawing inspiration from from nature and personal events and interests.

In the land of shadow where darkness lie, 'neath craggy mountains stern and steep, one man walks the path alone; a promise of hope is his to keep.

In the land of shadow where darkness lie, 'neath craggy mountains stern and steep, one man walks the path alone; a promise of hope is his to keep.

In The Land of Shadow

In the land of shadow where darkness lie
'Neath craggy mountains stern and steep
one man walks the path alone
a promise of hope is his to keep

Over black crusted shale and cool magma flows
through land blasted and barren with blight
he travels onward towards his goal
the firey peak that lays in his sight

Between trees twisted by evils glare
pass caverns lit by cruel eyes' stare
he watches carefully at the pass
as he crosses, sword in hand

across the way another doth stand
evils brand blazened upon their breast
the man pauses at this fierce sight
he readies his blade, his will to fight

The Dark One draws his own cruel blade
its jagged edges sharp and red
he stands there taunting the man with glee
and bades him come, his fate to see

The man moves forth to cross his sword
this one gleams with holy light
for the man who travels is Paladin born
with a promise to keep, his word is sworn

Clang and clash! The blades do meet
Shing and shang! a narrow miss
swing and block, step and knock
first hit by jagged edge not stopped

Twisting his body, the man slides in
his gleaming blade white hot in flesh
though injured, this battle is surely won
The Dark One stills, the fight is done

Quiet, a prayer of thanks goes out
The traveler knows that more will come
He carries on toward that bright red peak
To find a woman he promised to seek

The Mountains Loom

In the land of shadow where darkness lie
'neath craggy mountains wrapped in night
passing through this tainted land
he fights off others of the band

Each battle thus fought, gives cause to bleed
a moment to rest, to heal he needs
but time flows on forward with not one care
he hurries on for tarry, he not dare

Up he goes and higher still
The light above is red like blood
He pauses for breath, for quick respite
For he can feel that all's not right

With blessings from faith, he heals what he can
then moves onward towards the journey's end
the weakness in limbs yet still remain
poisons' touch has had its gain

The path comes to end at the mouth of a cave
the Paladin pulls his sword of light
he is met by others who'd seek his end
Careful he fights so no wounds he must mend

Around the bend and behind the curve
under the rocks and between hard walls
he continues till the warmth grows greater
he hears voices, one is the traitor

Quickly he moved around the bend
and sees them both at edge of cliff
the traitor chants, magic doth flow
to break the seal of binding below

The woman is kneeling, with taught restrain
her golden hair dirtied by travel hard pressed
by royals blood the bond would break
the Paladin knows that all is at stake

He moves towards them both to stop the mage
before his chanting can summon forth
the greatest of evils to plague the land
the demon who tainted this country once grand

A rock is turned, the chanting stops
the traitorous mage sees his foe
he shifts and utters a hurtful spell
its' purple glow comes with great accel

The Paladin rolls, barely in time
his armor clanks 'neath travelers cloak
The mage, he goes for the woman bound
but away she rolled upon the ground

The Paladin lunged with eager sword
The Mage did try to get away
Sharp edge dove between folds of cloth
The traitors last words where uttered in wroth

The Paladin stood, his foe now vanguished
Sweat glistened down his heated face
He wobbled as he came up to the girl
the poison's touch now making him swirl

A deep breath to steady the hand that cut
each binding so carefully that she be freed
her grateful face now etched in concern
as he told her he would not return

From his finger, a ring he now gave
and told her the magic word to send her home
She sat beside him as breath became labor
to give comfort to the man that had saved her

He Gave His life so others may live

In the land of shadows where darkness lie
within the forebooding and craggy peaks
a hero passed on or so the bards claim
a hero that time has forgotten in name

The Princess now part of a forgotten past
part of a statue turned green with age
she holds a man up to her chest
whos chiseled eyes are closed in rest.

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