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The Unmarrying Kind

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Someone sane people should run away from

Claimed to be a completely changed individual

Doubtful for someone approaching a different decade of existence

A living embodiment of Ernest Hemingway and James Dean

Rebellious with a few causes under their belt

Unfortunately lacked the responsibility and constitution

To literally fulfill any of those long ago promises successfully

Bounced around from places and different professions

Never satisfied with their current lot in life

Wanted more and was always out of reach from happiness

Mixture of choices, circumstances and timing affected this

Obsessed with the idea of the hunt for a mate

Treated possible equals as if they were fish and game

Something to be mounted on their walls as a possession

Only a head on a plaque and nothing more

No substance behind the blank face that was once alive

Frightened of getting caught in the headlights of a chase

A horror movie cliché that never seemed to go out of style

Resented the fact they would have to claim their prize

Thought they could go on forever simply in chase mode

Roaming freely and living a carefree existence

Never threw in reality and merging two lives together

Craved the notion of love, but never the reality of it

Everyone in their lives never mingled together

Kept in separate boxes in the attic for their sole purposes

Lived and breathed for the finer things they created

Fine tuning them until they were this close to perfection

Pride and joys were more of the automotive persuasion

Their blood orange Dodge parked next to their other baby

A dark blue Harley that seemed to purr like an angry kitten

Whenever the engine was turned on simply for sport

A way to let the neighbors know they were present

Marking their territory without using a Sharpie to do so

Managed to keep their dark chocolate brown goatee

Groomed to semi-perfection and always dressed like a runaway model

Ready to strut their stuff in an almost laughable manner

Promised the world to be handed on a weak string

Broke every time someone else got too close

Time to pull up stakes and move onto someone more grounded

In a type of reality that had more than one person involved.

A symbol of the unattainable

A symbol of the unattainable