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The Unknown - A Poem


Many lifetimes ago
your heart ran dry of love,
your touch turned cold,
and you looked at me
as though I burdened your soul.

And so, I escaped into the unknown
to heal what was broken and wounded.

Never did you search for me.
Not once had you wished upon
a star for me to come back.
You were okay with the unknown.

Now here I am,
tangled between the planets
in an overwhelming space of silence
as my mind fills with dreams of you and me.

The stars capture the whispers of my heart
before they can ever reach you.
You’ll never know.

However, it does not matter,
for you have forgotten me,
and so, any unwanted memories
that find their way to you
would do nothing to trigger your heart.

But I cannot forget you,
the memory of our love
stays with me,
in my mind and heart.
The pain our loved caused
leaks into the cracks of my soul
and burns through me.

As I untangle myself
from all that kept me stuck
I float off in the sea of asteroids,
they take me deeper into the unknown.

I dream of our souls colliding one day.
I want to find my way back to you,
but as I go further along my journey
I begin to look forward to the unknown.


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on June 24, 2020:

This poem is amazing.

I love your words..thanks for sharing.

I shared this one here


Lorna Lamon on June 17, 2020:

A poignant and touching poem, beautifully written.

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