The Universe We All Share...our commonalities

Updated on March 25, 2020

What we share...

If we take a moment to mediate

On OUR similarities

Instead of OUR differences

We might make it better to relate

To The Universe

WithIn US all

Just maybe WE could depress hate

If OUR Ego's

Were on the wall,

If WE thought of. how in youth

WE all have the same desire,

To change the world

And decide its fate

Of how WE all just want

To be found great

How WE all want things for OUR children

That WE never had

How WE. all want recognition

Whether it be good, or. if its sometimes


WE all want someone to HhEeAaaaaR US

WE all want to matter

WE all hold things dear to us

WE all want laughter

WE all want to be remembered

OUR descendants to remind

That time echo our petty existences

On the fickle pages of Time

Suffice it to say...

We all are the same

We all hunger

We all thirst

We've all had our hearts broken

We've all had our brains burst(ugggghhhh!!!)

We've all had family die

We've all been made to cry...

And who hasn't laughed till

Their stomachs hurt

Who hasn't ran, and tried to

Be first

Who hasnt held something p r e c I o u s

And lost it just the same

Who hasn't soared with eagles

Just to burst back into flames

Who hasn't wanted someone to hold

Who hasn't breathed one breath

Of this Univeresal air;

Whether through struggling or not

And not been touched by the yin/yang,

DIVINE Hand of GOD!!!

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WE all have been babies

Vulnerable and in need

WE all have loved something

To the point of ugliness

and downright greed

WE'VE existed in a space

Where others tend to be...

You let out a cough, and I

Suppress a sneeze

WE'VE all been doing something"

While on the other side of the world

Someone was doing the exact same thing

WE'VE all been sleeping while OUR global

Neighbors were getting up

WE'VE all been made aware

One day WELL be dust

Then WE become the collective...

The Universe that is US

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      • Majestic Tells profile imageAUTHOR


        23 hours ago from Kanab, Utah

        Well, I had the privelledge to go to Spain in my youth...truly wonderful and welcoming culture...GOD bless and keep you safe

      • maggs224 profile image


        23 hours ago from Sunny Spain

        I really enjoyed this, and especially your opening focus on what we all share. Well the present pandemic has given many of us the opportunity to have a time of reflection in a situation that we are all aware we are sharing.

        I am glad to say that I am seeing acts of kindness and togetherness all around me. Here in Spain I am on my 14th day of since I have been out and about, because my age group puts me in the vulnerable group. But at 8pm each evening I go out on my balcony and join all my neighbours to clap all those who are working to keep us safe. It is our communities way of saying thank you to the supermarket staff, the greengrocers, the bakers, police road sweepers, bin men, nurses doctors and others that are working tirelessly to make this time as smooth as possible.

        For me the knowledge that at 8 pm this is happening through out Spain at the same moment brings with it a real sense of oneness and hope in this time of crisis.

      • Majestic Tells profile imageAUTHOR


        45 hours ago from Kanab, Utah

        You are so kind MitaraN

      • Majestic Tells profile imageAUTHOR


        45 hours ago from Kanab, Utah

        I believe in finding our similarities...first...the common ground on which We all stand ...yes

      • Majestic Tells profile imageAUTHOR


        46 hours ago from Kanab, Utah

        Thank you for yout kind words MitaraN

        I pray you have a wonderfully blessed

        Day...I appreciate the read

      • MitaraN profile image

        Mitara N 

        2 days ago from South Africa

        A 3 in 1 piece, each one inspirational to the next,

        Beautiful write,

        Thanks for sharing Laurinzo

      • Majestic Tells profile imageAUTHOR


        2 days ago from Kanab, Utah

        Yes. Indeed we do Flourishzanywau have a wonderfull day

      • FlourishAnyway profile image


        2 days ago from USA

        I like the message that we are bound by common threads and a common fate.

      • Majestic Tells profile imageAUTHOR


        4 days ago from Kanab, Utah

        Thanjs Kyler so much

      • Kyler J Falk profile image

        Kyler J Falk 

        4 days ago from Corona, CA

        Too true, we are all such sensitive creatures seeking our place in the world and I feel it is all our responsibility as interconnected beings to help provide a great life for one another.

        Lovely, Laurinzo!


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