The Union of the Lead Singer and the Groupie

Updated on May 26, 2020
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Musicians and actors were a cottage industry that loved to shine

Flourished when they reached the top of the mountain

Self destructing just as quickly as they often made it

Attractive industries that led to many fans looking to be more

Than just ordinary faces in the crowd

Wanted to make a lasting impression that never seemed to stick

Bands had a tougher time distinguishing between real and the fake

When it comes to any type of rock and roll band worth their salt

The usual center of attention was the front man or lead singer

Someone who represented a fantasy of beauty or masculinity

Had golden pipes to boot and could hit some killer high notes

Had long flowing curly hair that almost appeared like a lion's mane

Blonde, bright and masking the sinister undertones of the music industry

Maintained a certain level of sex appeal that made the masses wild

Developed a certain level of musical swagger that caused attention

Made people notice without fully intending to do so

Presented an aura of mystery and danger that most could never obtain

Afraid to do so; wouldn't be deemed lucky to enter their inner sanctum

Usually those who entered were only there for a passing fancy

A token to be used or abused at will, or whim, by those with power

Women, or men, who were fans and turned into party favors

The term "groupie" had a certain level of disdain in society

Someone considered a low life form compared to the star in their midst

Some women enjoyed the idea of having an adventure with these rockers

Loved being the center of attention or earning a nickname

A term of a minor level of endearment that could come from such a thing

Realized that being the center of a rocker's attention lasted for as long as

They were inside your zip code and disappeared as soon as they left

For the next stop on the tour; or until someone shinier caught their eye

Rock stars and fidelity were a rare combination that never intertwined

When others are eager to even have a stolen random moment

Forget the notion of forever; especially when fame was involved

Came to that conclusion when they returned for their next tour

Had another favor of the day on their arm and walked right past you

Pretended that you didn't exist or forgot that you did

Hard to tell which was the case in the situation

Concluded that being a fan didn't mean that you had a future with them

An idol meant to be worshipped from afar and never close up.

Taking the lead on stage when it came to performances.
Taking the lead on stage when it came to performances.


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