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The Unflamed Candle

Writer and a poet. Most poems were lyrical. A dedicated writer with published ebooks on a social media platform.

The Unflamed Candle

The night is young, everyone's enjoying
The couple has gone, someone's crying
The hall's full of music, they're singing
The lovers at the center, they're dancing.

She's lonely, at the corner, she's drinking
Hiding herself, pain is stinging
She's laughing, she is dying
Yet seems nobody noticed.

Everything's black, only her on the ground
Can someone turn on the lights?
Can someone heal the scars?
Can someone, call the one that has gone?

Love's not fair, she died in an instant
She thought her bestfriend's her charm,
But no! She leave her broken behind
The man she secretly love? Now has gone.

Deceit's never in her dream
Bestfriend! Now she's insane
The candle's never been flamed
She thought, it was just a game.

She's shivering, as the music came to an end
Tears in her cheeks, they win the faked game
Her bestfriends' her secret rival
Never had the chance for survival.

© 2019 Makatang Pilipina

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