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The Unchartered and Undefined Person Within

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Have come to the long secret understanding that I'm alone in my thoughts

A lone wolf on the road to enlightenment and a different kind of fun

My logical train of internal storytelling often left many heads scratching

Fully aware that it often needed a translator to get through it

Uncovering the twists, turns and lifting up certain nuggets of knowledge

Hidden beneath heavy boulders to make the masses work for it

All the much harder; usually giving up when breaking a sweat

Starting to accept the fact that I'll never fit into an easy or typical role

Don't like to dumb myself down in order to appease the critics

Even though felt the pressure to do so by a certain Mr. Blackwell

Thought that a few close friends and loved ones understood

What lied underneath to a certain extent; but not entirely

Maybe, they were aware of what was hidden; just didn't approve

Didn't see a point in arguing the semantics of it all

Chose to simply move on with the story whether it was followed or not

Past few months have given into some self reflective moments

A few brought some smiles; and others have been cringe inducing

Time to get on with the show and either perform; or get off the stage

Realized recently that this creature in front of the bathroom mirror

Has been a misfit a lot longer than they ever been made aware of

Never really fit in at large and sociable affairs of the relaxed

Always searched for a quick and subtle exit before being noticed

Not vastly confident though that they would have been missed

Felt strange to be separated from your own identity as a person

As if living and discussing about an outer body experience

When you've always been attached and active in the narrative

For over two years, thought I found a partner who understood me

Turned out he was just as lost in translation as the rest of them

Locked in their own befuddlements and lack of self confidence

Sure, had some good times but two confused rebels never fit

Need a stabilizing force to help calm the choppy waters

And they were never going to be the one captaining the ship

Wasn't part of their DNA to be in control of anything

Decided to close that chapter and move onto the next one

Sure, will likely look back occasionally to avoid past mistakes

Time to write a new story and keep on going

No choice in the matter

Cannot roll over and play dead while everyone else gets to move on

Plain and simple; pick yourself up and keep it moving.

Time to turn one over and see what was underneath.

Time to turn one over and see what was underneath.

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