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The Ultimate Misfits' Survival Guide to Life

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Movies thrived on characters who had a lone wolf mentality

Going against the grain in a machine controlled society

Everything was done by the book and no one could step out of line

Being a loner had the appeal for all rebels with only a certain cause

But it was better to find someone to rail against the windmills

Real and otherwise, of course

Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable played two lost souls

That came together in their haunting final film

Demonstrated that it was ideal to find someone who understood you

Life's ultimate private battle of deciding where you belong in the world

Better to stand out or fit in with the supposed in crowd

Hard to say which works better or worse for you

Depends on make of a person's character to belong or stand out

Fortune either favored the bold or blew up in their faces

Having an active imagination left room for creativity

And also allowed personal demons to flood landscape

Double edged weapon to a select few or many

Given the various websites and biographies out there

Time to focus on an individual struggling between normalcy and rebellion

Always deemed an outsider by the populous huddled football crowd

Not looking to blend into the societal fabric by any means

Like the rest of the smoothed out herd

Strung together by similar thoughts and ideas

Not looking to make a mark on the world

Unless the teacher called out their names directly in class

Don't want to reveal any level of intellect to the unwashed teens

Searching for an excuse to give you a bathroom swirly

Found out there was one likeminded spirit hidden amongst the throng

A rebel with the cause of not caring what others thought about him

Liked his self-made identity and all that came with it

Found another half who understood what it meant to stand out

Another member of the lunatic fringe hanging dangerously close to the edge

Two peas in a uniquely gilded rock and roll pod

Creating and plotting their next moves in life and on paper

Learning that fitting in wasn't necessarily a good thing to strive for

It was better to accept yourself flaws and all

Without living up to a next to impossible standard pressed upon you by critics

Shredded the rulebook for good in a wood chipper and live for only me.

Time to destroy the rule book. Don't need it.

Time to destroy the rule book. Don't need it.