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The Ultimate Guide to Surviving American Mime 101

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Trying to get away with being verbally invisible to the masses

Feeling like an irritant that neighbors want to swat away

With the nearest and biggest fly swatter they can grab ahold of

Desperate to understand the concept of less is more

Leaving the audience wanting more instead of the minimalist performer

Obtaining a make-up kit and costume as the picture-perfect suit of armor

A disguise that conveys your emotions without giving your true self away

Learning that the art of speech is through the hands and eyes

Words the enemy of the expressively silent and rather comical

Tired of getting kicked around like a puppy by the boot of an Easy Rider

Someone who needed the air let out of both of their Harley's tires

Arrogant and caught up on only what's in front of them in traffic

Overlooking the flies desperate to become their midafternoon snack

Never looking to see the ticked off deer army eager to ram them

Into the oblivion they often wished was their final destination

Ready to take a page out of the 60 plus year playbook of a legend

Marcel Marceau a French equivalent of sublime mime perfection

Able to express so much through his masterful art of silence

His Bip the Clown stage persona was his most memorable one

Showcased a level of sweetness, whimsy and sadness all at once

The epitome of conveying so much without the power of dialogue

Easier to be so expressive without any lines to remember

Developing an onstage gait crossed between a swan and a chicken

Once attended a class that Lindsay Kemp taught on a dare

A mixture of mime and the recklessness of a sexual awakening

Gender neutrality and fluidity that made it hard to determine

If a performer was a man or a woman under the make-up

David Bowie also a student caught up in presence and ambiguity

Able to express himself through a variety of personas

Never knowing the difference between the real and the stage

Wondering if it was better to just create an alter ego

Something to hide behind so that no one could see the real you

Protective shield from getting heart broken by a sledgehammer

No betrayals from supposed friends and loved ones

Wouldn't mean a thing because you were acting from start

Cannot hurt someone that wasn't real to begin with

Trickiness with performance art though

Telling the difference between reality and show time

What to do with the time when not on stage

That's the real dilemma.

The art of mime with a French legend.

The art of mime with a French legend.

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