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The Tunnel of Dreams

This poem reminds me of life and it's hardship. Sure it's tough all year round but in the end there's always a light to push me through.

The Tunnel of Dreams

Why call it that? it may be cliche but we all have been inside a tunnel at some points in our life. We all experience a period of darkness in out lives, and yet no matter how hard, we're able to push through no matter what. And that is the very essence of being human. So I wrote about my experience to share with you all.

The Tunnel of Dreams

I dream of walking down a tunnel in which i walk alone,
There was nothing but only rats, it was their home
I would see a faint light at the end, coming from an ashen hearth
I would sit down to rest my weary feet, and soothe my aching heart

As i rest my weary being, i would begin to ponder
The world that i grew up in, was filled with love and wonder
How was it that i ended up alone in the darkness
In a world full of love, why are some people so heartless

If there is a heaven, I wish i could go in
Although i know, Im being eaten alive by sin
If I die would angels go down to comfort me
Would i be taken to heaven with love and glee

But here i am, alone, as i suffered
Alone in a world in which my view was shattered
But deep inside me is a voice
shouting back at me, saying i still have a choice

hope will push me through, and faith will provide salvation
or i could stay here, among the darkness of death and deception
I stood up, shook my head and headed on
knowing at the end of the tunnel, was the light of dawn

The light at the end of the tunnel


© 2020 Gerald Santiago

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