The Truth Behind My Mind

Updated on December 14, 2017

the truth is i always deny.

deny the fact that i am extremely sad. why?

there are a lot going on in my mind but i don’t know the main reason why.

help me, oh help me.

to whom am i gonna seek help?

no one understands me.

i tried talking to people but i think it’s useless.

they all thought i was fearless.

all i know is that i am careless.

i’m a two-faced bitch but they think i am faceless.

i handle my life recklessly.

the life that i don’t have eternally.

i talk to people casually

i don’t take it seriously.

what’s going on?

should i move on?

all the pain and heartache

everyday it gets worse

i hope i can reverse

what’s going on?

should i move on?

all the love and happiness

they all vanished

i hope i cherished

i want to end my life

i am drained and tired

tired of everything that’s going on in my life

i am so hopeless

i am helpless

i need to see less

to clean all the mess

© 2017 Alyza


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