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The Truest Pleasure, a Poem to Lift Your Spirits

John has been writing poetry since his school days. He was awarded the "Best Poet 2014 and 2021" Hubby Awards.


Back on Track. the Need to Inspire

After my last piece of poetry which turned out rather dark and confronting and left no real hope for anything better, I needed to take somewhat of a u turn and get back to trying to be positive and inspiring.

I find that even though you I to keep what I write positive there are times when you need to shock or confront to get people to take notice.

This time I chose a book title I really couldn't do anything depressing with, and I hope that my writing keeps heading in this direction for the forseeable future.


The Truest Pleasure

Wake up to a wonderous day,

Whether skies be blue or grey.

Life's blessings are too great to measure

But what, for you, is the truest pleasure?

Birds may sing within the trees

Or fly on by upon the breeze.

A baby's laughter is a joy

Whether it be a girl or boy.

Happy times spent with your friends,

Days you never want to end.

Birthday, Christmas, party fun,

And buying gifts for your loved ones.

Lazy fishing in a stream,

No fish bite today it seems.

It may help adding bait I know,

But the line is only in for show.


Attaining goals that you have set,

Or playing games with your new pet.

Finding things you thought you'd lost,

Retail therapy, stuff the cost.

Pastimes that make your spirits lift,

Like ticking off your bucket list.

Cuddling up with someone great,

And making love instead of hate.

Travelling to places never been,

Even if it's in a dream.

Gazing up at the night sky,

A falling star may catch your eye.


Silly jokes that make you smile,

Or laugh out loud once in a while.

Hiking in the woods alone,

Away from the Internet and phone.

Writing a story from the heart

That critics do not pull apart.

Instead of just a closet dweller

Your book becomes the new best seller.

Meeting with a long lost friend

You haven't seen since schoolday's end.

All of these are things to treasure

But which one is Your Truest Pleasure?

Author's Note

By now, all my regular readers will realise that my current inspiration is being obtained from the titles of books on my shelves. I think this is the fourth or fifth poem originating in that way.

This time the book is The Truest Pleasure by Robert Morgan. This author is a native of the North Carolina mountains and is better known as a poet having previously published nine volumes of poetry and three previous books of fiction. He has won a number of awards for his poetry, but this book The Truest Pleasure was selected by Publishers Weekly as one of the best books of 1995, and it was a finalist for the Southern Book Critic Circle Award for Fiction.

Here is a short excerpt: "Just then Tom's pole whipped into the water. He jerked it and the line run taut through the muddy pool so fast it hissed. He swung the pole and then the line started upstream. I had never heard a fishing line sing that way through the water. It whistled and burned across the pool."

The Truest Pleasure by Robert Morgan

The Truest Pleasure by Robert Morgan

© 2018 John Hansen