The Trials and Trevails of Finding Dating Terra Firma

Updated on April 8, 2019
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Many people view love differently than others

The romantics view it as the greatest thing alive

Their only reason for living in a bizarre dysfunctional way

The cynics considered it to be an accessory that goes with an outfit

Disposable when the person, or trinket was no longer fashionable

Well, from my personal experience love is always in style

Partners are not meant to be thrown out when no longer in season

Like a pair of scuffed up two year old Aerosoles loafers

With the slightly faded light brown color

My significant other was a wonderful person who respected my opinion

A strong shoulder to lean on when waters got severely choppy

Made me laugh when I needed a reason to do so

Every time I see him a big huge smile gets plastered on my face

Yes, the idea of this realist being struck in the head by the love bug

Might be the first sign of the apocalypse or something

But it's better to weather rough terrain with someone

Who has a semblance of an idea of what the journey ahead entailed

Strong hands of a truck driver by night and an inventor by day

Good grip to hold the wheel and soft enough to cuddle with

Falling deeper and deeper in love, which excites and frightens me a little bit

Afraid of getting my heart thrown into a paper shredder

He fears the same thing every so often; as a reminder of being burned in the past

Wanted to comfort and reassure that I was stuck to him as if he was made of Velcro

Secretly annoyed that he'd think I'd be callous enough to break his heart at all

Not New Jersey's answer to Taylor Swift by using and abusing men to write a song

Or sticking around until the next hot trendy pretty boy comes along

Never big on being part of the in crowd anyways; preferred going against the grain

That's why Stanley and I work well together

We have our own styles and ways of dealing with things that fits perfectly

Our joint belief in finding a partner to help balance the load

To help to catch the curveballs that life throws at us

Sure, not everything is going to always be sunshine and roses in a bottle

Disagreements will occur every so often, but we manage

Just when I think that my relationship had some solid footing

All of the proverbial ducks standing in a conga lined row

Wondered when he will believe that I won't leave him

I'm not going anywhere. I'm here to stay. Just deal with it.

Cliched saying, but accurate visual all the same.
Cliched saying, but accurate visual all the same.


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