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The Trenches of Life

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood


Walking through these trenches of dread,

Perhaps it’s that all their brains are dead?

Could it, would it, should it be left unsaid?

Perhaps I’ll find comfort lying in bed.

For why would I ever want to take part,

In words tossed about like poison darts?

Ideals spread 'round like rotten farts,

Silencing passion before it could start.

Nay, you shall find me in my own world,

Perhaps in the arms of a beautiful girl.

Writing lines to make her soul twirl,

And away from those acting a churl.

For we are better in our world alone,

Better here where we can feel at home.

This is a place where none cast their stone,

Forever here you are welcome to roam.

So please come now and stand by me,

I’d like to dance with you and be free.

Stand against those who would seek to be,

Nothing more than a bitter enemy.

Relax Yourself

You know I've been working very hard on living up to my own standards, and in doing so I always find the hardest part to be including others in the equation. We often have opposing views, views we live by but others do not, and we use our views against them like a weapon. It is about time we seek to love and understand one another, not seek to "fix" them or "destroy" them in lieu of what you'd consider progress.

The forums, again, were the main inspiration for this poem!