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The Transition #3

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The child of yesterday has become a teenager, and while discussing with some of the

Servants who were working with the woman, they used to advise him to do something about

Himself, else he will die there a servant. Sometimes he will ask of what he can do about

Himself and those people will tell him that, he should be wise enough to know what he

Ought to do for himself, that they will not spell everything out for him when he is not a baby.

One day, when he was carrying one of the woman’s loads which was fragile, one of it fell off

And broke. And when the woman saw what happened she started cursing and railing

Abuses on him, this became too much for the young man, and he replied her that day, that

Was the first time he will raise his voice to talk back to her. He never knew what comes over

Him that day, the woman would also say something has come over him and that some

People have been instigating him against her. She then promises that she will deal with him

And that she will stop sending money to his parents. He told her that she should stop right

Away, that enough of him working and someone else reaping the reward of his labor,

What he has come for there he was unable to achieve, it is better she stops sending money to

Them he replied. The woman promises to do that and threatened him that if he sleeps in her

House that night he will experience hell. He knows that she usually does not bluff and

Would not sleep in the house that night, he went and sleep with one of the guards under close

Secrecy. The following day, he went to a former servant’s house who gave him some money,

He thought of what to do with the money and something tells him that he should flee the

Republic to his parents, but he was thinking the money would not be enough, but what comes

On him insists that he should leave the republic for his parents place, at least if he gets there

They can resolve the case amicably. Thence, he left for the carpark to board a vehicle to

His place. On getting to the carpark he saw a friend of his father who does not know him

Again and the person was the one who paid his transport fare to his island. When his parents

Saw him there was mixed feelings of joy and sadness. Joy because they saw their son in

Peace, and sadness on seeing the pathetic condition of their son. The son told them all that he

Had passed through in the hands of his cousin and his parents wept profusely for deceptively

Dealing with them. they consulted one of the educationists in their island about their son

Because they still want him to know how to read and write and if possible to more. The

Educationist told them that it is possible, but the son himself must be determined to read

Because if he does not have that strong resolution, that would not happen. They asked

Him if he indeed wants to read, and he replied that has been his desire all his life even now

That he has come of age, he has no stronger desire for any other thing apart from studies.

Then we are good to go, the educationist told his parent, telling them that he will help

Them get some needful text books and they shall also do well to raise money to get some

Other books that he cannot lay his hands on for their son. They agreed and the man would

Not overlook anything as a psychologist and an educationist, he starts with him from

The very foundation of the numbers and alphabets like he is teaching a two-year-old child

He continues to make progress, and the man was never tired of repeating himself unto him.

It took a while before picking it up, but after about four months he started picking up

And was making appreciable progress. He got him enrolled for examinations and he passed

At the end of twelve months, he was able to be enrolled into a school where he started

Learning with other students. Though he was older than those high school students but

He was not ashamed for he knows what his desire is. He finished the school and was admitted

Into institution of higher learning where he finished in flying colors at old age. When he

Looked back at what he has passed through, he cannot but be appreciative unto God for

Sparing his parents’ lives, for had it been he had no parents things may not be easy for him,

He may eventually died not fulfilling his dreams. He also thanked his tutor at that old age,

Who had faith in him when he has no faith in himself that what he wants to pursue could

Be achieved, but because of his words, his patience, and coming to his “valley” to pick him to

The mountain of what he was learning, he could leave mediocre stage for learned stage.


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