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The Transition #2

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Since she says they should choose between two options, either that she withdraws their

Son or they will allow him to continue his school at her expense and she won’t send anything

To them again, they chose the latter, allowing their son to continue his schooling and she not

Sending any money to them again. having reached this agreement, they continued to

Fend for themselves hopeful that soon their son would deliver them from the hardship and

Suffering when he finishes his school and secures a good job with his certificate. But they

Were obviously in total darkness as per what the woman is using their son for where he

Is living at with the woman. The woman lives in another republic and it costs fortune to travel

To the place, they cannot afford the money to go there even if they have it in mind that they

Want to visit their son. Thus, they just believed that she is true to her words and taken

Proper care of their son. The son was not happy with what he was passing through, but there

Is nothing he could do about the situation again for he knows the deplorable condition of his

Parents, where he lives with his cousin is like paradise compared to his parents’ home. He

Was trying to endure the situation and was thinking with time, his cousin would change her

Disposition and would get him enrolled in a school because he also desires to go to school.

He was however sore mistaken because the woman never rescinded her decision of using

Him as one of her sales boy in her business center. When the child raises the issue of his

Schooling with her, been the reason for allowing her to take him to her place, she will tell

Him that he is saving money for that, in addition to it that she always sends money to his

Parents every month for their upkeep, and if he wants to go to school it means she will stop

Sending money to his parents and would ask if he wants his parents to die suffering?

Because of his love for his parents, he would reply no, and then the woman would tell her

That he should continue to work that at the right time she will get her enroll for there is no

Age limit to education. Because she is older than him, with more experience he takes

Whatever she says to him “hook-line-and-sinker”, without trying to verify it or ask of the

Authenticity of the message. But as time goes on, he has lost interest in academics, and even

All the little elementary stuffs that he has learnt when he was with his parents he has even

Forgotten. He was in this situation when his parents started dreaming that their son was

Putting on rags and crying. What could be happening to their son, they do not know, they

Called to ask her about the welfare of their only son, because she does not allow the son to

Have access to telephone, every conversation about him would be routed through her

Phone and she will not allow anyone to talk to him in her absence, if his parents call him he

Must answer them in her presence to be able to censor the replies he shall give his parents on

Air. People that knew the place the woman lives and who were being asked about the

Welfare of their son, they also could not say anything about the welfare of the son to them, all

They can say is that their son is hale and hearty. But as touching the education of their son

When they ask them, they will rather keep silence than talking, and would tell them to go

And look for their son themselves. Those people were afraid to say anything, because the

Woman is fetish, and wealthy apart from fighting them with her devilish power, she could

Also rope them into a problem which they will not be freed from at the court of law. She

Has money, she has power, she is influential in the republic where she lives at. Everyone

Fears her and no one wants anything to come in between her and them.


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