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The Transition #1

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He has given upon himself, that his life would ever change, because of his age, he is now

Twenty years of age for the past ten years ago since his parents lost their jobs has he been

Taken by her cousin to be living with her. While taken him away she has promised her

Brother, his father that she will take proper care of him and would send him to school to

Complete his primary education that he could not complete because of the retrenchment of

His parents at his place, and also promises that she would send him to high school. But on

Getting to his place, instead of sending him to school she did not she was using him as

One of her sales boys in her business center. While using him as her servant, she nether

Pays him anything nor send any dime to his parents, and when his parents ask for assistance

From her she will claim that she is responsible for the upkeep of their son and how could

She again render any financial support for them, and if they want her to render any financial

Assistance to them it means she will withdraw their son from the school so that she will be

Able to help them. his parents would not allow that because they were unable to complete

Their primary education because of the sudden death of their parents to the epidemic that

Broke out in the island during their days, because of their death no one could sponsor them

To school again thence they had to drop out of the school to start working on the farms of

People to earn a living. It was while they were working together on the farmland of one of

The richest farmer in the island that his parents set eyes on each other. And on getting closer

To each other they discovered that their plight was the same, through this they fell in

Love and decided to get married at a tender age and promised themselves that they shall

Sponsor their children to schools that they will not allow what betide them to also betide

Their children if they have their spirits in them. True to this, they were up and doing for

This only son that they have given birth to academically, but before the son could finish his

Primary school they were retrenched by the rich man from his farmland, and they find it hard

To sponsor their son to school again. it was during the process of seeking for assistance

From his sibling that she decides to come and take the son to herself, saying it will be easier

For her to sponsor him to school if he is living with him than sending money to them. Thus,

After taken him to himself, he stops to send things to them and they were fending for

Themselves thanking God who has provided such a wonderful person for them to assist

Their son so that he would not become a drop out from the primary school like they were.

Because of their plight, they went to the clinic to do hysterectomy, which is one of the

Family planning that is been recommended in the clinic. Since they have given birth to a

Son, they believed, that a son is enough we are not in the generation where one would give

Birth to many children that one cannot cater for, it is better to give birth to the numbers

Of children that one can take care of, the medical personnel have advised them, and having

Critically considered their condition, they know that except miracle happens, which people

In the island says, it comes once every hundred years, they shall continue to live like that.

And they know that the miracle that they heard of that happened happen about seven years

Ago which indubitably means that they should not expect miracle for the next ninety-three

Years, and by that time, they should be nearing their graves if they have not died. Thus,

They agreed that they do not need to be defrauding themselves of sex, thence they went for

Hysterectomy all prayers that God would protect their only son for them and bless the person

Who is taken care of him.


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