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The Transcendental Meditation Effect

Concentrate...just meditate...

Concentrate...just meditate...

There is this effect, Transcendental Meditation is its name,

Causing us frogs to all take it easy, as in a trancelike state.

Better than three shots of whiskey, watching too much T.V.,

Helps when you meditate, heart stays calm, not to palpitate.

Down in the swamp, all Gators rule is a life of Russian roulette,

There's no such thing as right or wrong, none treated like a pet.

Want to survive then you jump so high, predators can't achieve,

Time spent there, all must be aware, you' ll never get a reprieve.

Never drink whiskey if you can help it...

Never drink whiskey if you can help it...

Bobcats like to haunt the swamps, love Froggie stew, a lot,

The night times there are mighty cool, the days mighty hot.

You've got to stay in a shade all day, not ending up in a pot,

When you think you've got it made, finding out you have not.

There's too many a connoisseur, to prefer froggies, both legs,

When submerging into gloomy depths, this situation so begs.

Why do they all have to pick on us frogs, even the pollywogs,

The best furniture in our living rooms amounts to slippery logs.

I'm scared...

I'm scared...

Transcendental Meditation, to be a saving grace for all frogs,

While on a stump, even though we're plump. not fat as hogs.

Here we may go into a saving trance, escape our inner fears,

So when you see us sitting so still, it's not to be like it appears.

Avoid those psychiatrists, no moola do you ever have to spend,

Just takes a little practice, then who knows, may be a new trend.

Never let it be said of us frogs, that we never gave our very best,

We're just as scientific as any one is, now are you all impressed?

Excuse me bro, I'm meditating...

Excuse me bro, I'm meditating...

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