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The Train of Love

Lawrence is a graduate of hard knocks. He is a communication practitioner, a passionate poet, who prefers speaking through the pen to mouth.

The Train of Love

The train of love has left the station,

With all seats clearly occupied,

Headed towards an unknown destination,

Where no passenger will be vilified.

Some have been here before,

But their journey turned sore,

Perhaps the storm broke their oar,

Only they can tell what they saw.

Every being desire to be there,

To journey on this train for Free,

For the crew charges no fare,

Unless you are a group of three.

Affection is a wonderful expedition,

Traveling with the one you love,

Do so in this living duration,

It is all the time you have.

On the train there we were,

Lucky to board the last,

We just wanted to go far,

And forget all our past.

Side by side with my best pal,

I sat and stared at her beauty,

What a pulchritudinous girl!

Loving her was my only duty.

Ours is so beautiful a story,

Love whose roots grow deep,

A lovely tale culminating in glory,

And memory I’ll forever keep.

In this short, yet gruesome life,

Our main aim is to live happily ever,

Declare us husband and wife,

For we shall be on the train forever!


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