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The Tower Of Love

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What We Have Now And How To Make It Better

In life, we get to enjoy a lot of things

One of my most favorite of all

Is Love

I can never totally explain it

Even though I experience it every day

It is always changing

Growing in so many areas of our life

From deep inside hidden from the world

To outside where it can easily be seen

From the simplest thought to the most delicate touch

As we experience so many feelings

Our emotions run high

What I can say

Is I never have known anything so beautiful

So rewarding and calming at the same time

I feel so blessed and can't wait to give in return

It is being totally quiet and in the present

Then it is talking about everything that matters

Every combination of the two I can make

Love is for everyone

When you least expect it

May love find you

So you will be the next person

Sharing the love that makes you happy