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The Tooth

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It breaks through whether you want it or not.

The old must fall out

And be replaced by the new,

A piece of Memorabilia,

A relic of youth.

White through the gum

Sharp pain,

Then over.

The old must fall out

Must give up its space

While the new makes its entrance

And takes up its place.

It's the way of things

they say,

It is for the best,

The sun must come down

The bird must leave its nest.

Nature must take its course,

Oh how winding its road,

Resistance is futile,

I don't have to be told.

The circle of life,

The ticking hand of time

Yes, life is linear

But it is not a straight line.

Although it goes forward,

We still must catch up,

For as one phase of it ends,

Another has begun.

Yes, soon it will harden,

Soon the mouth will adjust,

And the unwelcome visitor

Will do what it must.

Along with our bodies

Our spirits will mature

Will catch up to our bones,

Of that I am sure.

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