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The Time of the Butterfly

H.Sanbika is medically oriented by degree though she's not practicing it currently, Her passion on scribbling thoughts dragged her here.

"Just as on a rubbish heap swept up on a main road a purely fragrant, delightful lotus might there spring up, Even so amidst those rubbish heaps (of men) does the savaka of the Perfectly Enlightened One outshine in insight the blind puthujjana"

- Gautama Buddha


The Time of the Butterfly

I just cuddle here alone

Not wanting to go outside

I'm afraid of what awaits there

Though it's awfully dark here

And there's no one to talk to

It's far more better this way

'Cause I feel safe and secured

With no one to taunt me

At least I thought so

But then I could hear voices

Taking every chance to vex me

"What a nasty thing!"

"Ugh! So gross and ugly!"

The words of those who sees me

But most of them who don't

Just pass me by

Not caring if they would step on and crush me

A small dull creature doesn't matter anyway

Besides, I was so hued with these colors of black and gray

I thought it would protect me

I never thought it would give me misery

And the longer I stay in this doomed shell

The deeper I go down the miry of crooked critics

They cause me agonizing grief and sorrow

I wanted to speak up

To defend myself for those unjust judgments

I simply can't for now

For I am still weak to talk

My bones still brittle to stand

But wait,

This is the beginning of everything yet

I have my time, my moment

When I finally break the walls that I've made

And cracked the shells that I've kept for a long time

I'll be out

Spreading my wings all over you

There is more of me than you could see

For the wings you thought could never fly

Soar higher than any of you

The feet you thought could never stand

Out-stood the very best of you

The voice you thought could never sing

Rose above your crooning voices

And the once dull and boring color

Brilliantly shines and shaded your neon lights

So I beg thee,

Don't belittle me

For you never know what the future holds for me

© 2017 Himeko Sanbika

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