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The Time We Take

Poetry is something that I loved to write for as long as I can remember, it is a way that I express my thoughts and feeling to the world.


Time and Time Again

Nothing seems to come out right
I try and I try and it just stays the same
I give myself over to what ever needs me
and I live my life in the shadows of others
I tell my story to those who can't hear
they look at me with eyes that can't see
I pour out my soul till there is nothing left
time and time again

Tick Tock

Tick tock, the hands on a clock
go round and round, they never stop
racing round and back again
it seems that time will never end

Tick tock, the hands on a clock
go up and down, but stay on top
rise and fall the tides of time
coming in and going out.

Time Crunch

clock runs down and still were not done
wishing we had more time to get what we need
feeling the pressure to do what is right
giving in to the darkness that is already inside
time is running fast and staying slow
nothing is ever really the same
nothing will ever really grow
we live like were dying and die to be alive
we give like were flying and take like a thief
time is running out and we need to go catch it
before its too late and we have nothing left

No Time

No more time to live out our lives and do the things we want to do, we try so hard to do what we know is right and live the life that everyone tells us we are suppose to be living, giving our power to those who abuse and use it. We don't understand that in-order to be truly happy we have to no longer let others dictate what it is that do and say, we have to be our own person. No longer afraid to step on the toes of those around us and speak our mind no matter whose feeling may get hurt in the process of us finding our voice. The time has come for us to stand up and show our true selves and be who we were always meant to be, no time to hide in the shadows and live a life of empty freedom.


Same old Same

The past is never really the past
Nothing ever really goes away
people live to make the same mistakes
things go round and round in circles
what goes around comes around
what is will always be
no matter how hard we try
we will never really be free
the past is constantly being repeated
and no one wants to try to stop it
our lives are constantly being defeated
and we all work really hard to save it
same old same, nothing changed

Round and Round

Round and round I go and still get nowhere
feeling like I will be on the ride to nothing forever
this circle goes around me and I cant get out of it
it will never get out of the darkness of repetitiveness
this is the path that I have chosen and I will live it now
same people, same feelings, same life

Complete 180

Rotation round the clock
over and over again
turn in circles and hold on
this is what you chose to be with
nothing to stop the way you are going
make a change or stay the same
nothing matters if you don't have the strength
complete the 180 and live how you want

Last Go Round

This is the last time I am going go around this circle of repetitive non-sense that keeps me from reaching the place that I need to be and holds me back from getting the strength that will set me free from the hell that is me life. I will get out and go as far as I can, this is going be the day I start to live the life that I was meant to live and be the person I meant to be.

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