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The Time Is 4:44

My Wife Asks Me To Move Over

I am hogging the bed

We have a Queen size bed

How is that possible?

Our cat Charlotte sometimes sleeps at my feet

Thinking back to how this all started

About two years ago

Our cat Charlotte came up to the head of the bed

She would scratch the headboard

We would tell her Stop!

To calm her down and not just seem like we are yelling at her

I tried to see what was the matter

She wanted our attention for some reason

Did she need food or water

Did her cat box have to be cleaned

Most of the time

She needed neither

She wanted to be heard

To calm her down

Even though I have got up with her

All hours of the night

I began to pat her

Soon she would curl under my arm and go to sleep

Then slowly over time

It became a regular routine

Now she not only sleeps under my arm

But takes up more and more room

On my side of the bed

So as I move over

My wife is pushed to the edge

Kind of funny

My wife says you started it

I don't want to stop it now

She is happy

She now claws the headboard less

Now if she wants to lay down

She is telling us move over

Here I come

When she wants to be left alone

She will sleep in 99 other places in our home

So there you have it

The time quite often is all 4's

I have heard it is a way of our relatives who passed on communicating with us

It happens a lot

When we are driving

I see license plates with three 4's

So my wife and I say hi mom

My mother passed away 10/12/11

Both my wife and I were so close

She was all about family

So we believe it is mom saying hello

We like to think she is bringing our whole family together

On the other side

Opening the door

For every loved one just wanting to say good day

Enjoy all you see

So Good Morning and a lovely day to all

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