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The Time I Went to My Mountain

Nicole is a registered Mechanical Engineer who loves the outdoors and has a passion for helping people. IG: @liveforthegift


I remembered the time I went to my mountain

How free and good as it was as the sea

I come walking fast to the uphill grounds

Smiling genuinely like there's someone though it was only me

Oh my spirit looked high in ecstasy,

Like it wandered long away from me

Finally searching for what's haven't been found

But it came back, contented and happy to be

I come to see the grandeur of my mountain

How it sits on the setting horizon,

Calm and serene like troubles are gone

That impossibilities "can't" but "can"

My mountain looks back at me,

Giving each other acknowledgements

It knows who I was and my weaknesses

But it tells me to care much less

Weaknesses are just weakness in one

It knows not a thing but to trick when we try to stand,

Razes the truth of ideals built

It strikes anytime without any guilt

© 2019 Nicole Rich

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