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The Time Chasers


The Time Chasers

The art of conquering time

Lies, perhaps, in its chase,

And not in its control.

Liberate, and flow with its edges and curves,

Just like the river flows

Along its winding path,

Creating sweet symphony through its ripples

As it evolves into the mightier ocean;

Or how the mountain tries to reach for the zenith

Enduring millions of years of harshness

To earn the grandeur that it craves;

Or the seasons changing their colours

From soothing whites in winter

To the charming chromes of spring,

Creating lasting imagery.

Nature, with its opulent treasures,

Goes through a chronology of metamorphosis

In pursuit of existence,

Chasing time!

Like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon,

Spreads its colourful wings to take its flight,

And at that moment,

It knows,

There is no looking back!

Farah N Huq


© 2021 Farah N Huq

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