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The Time Card


I am a being who puts my trust in the ideal of eternity,

A place that I repentantly perceive to be on the outside and outskirts

of the sphere of time,

The debut of time as it pertains to the body began with birth, and

the certification of birth, the given name at birth, an adopted concept

of which just about all who journey through know of,

To a point, are governed by its dictates, it is called a birth certificate,

It is both used for identification purposes, and also denotes

the day of arrival in time, clock in day!

The day the real time clock was punched,

Remember the time clock! How archaic,

If you didn’t punch in, you would not get paid for that time,

Time is subject to time, punch in on the day, but punch out on the day,

Something else must take place, your spirit and soul is waiting to join you,

on the journey of more days being added, or subtracted,

Signifying that birth dates can only go pass the birthday,

Why do we celebrate a birthday every year?

Instead of a birthday being the day I punch or clock in,

The clock was running and time knows the estimated time of arrival,

that I am here, time celebrates us by respecting the gift of breath within us,

time is very kind,

It is no secret in time, or to time that we are here, time has all the records,

This seems to be a unsolved mystery,

There are always questions as to why are we here?

I have to be enabled to ask myself the question first,

Why do I think I was inspired to punch in,

when everyday can be someone else’s birthday,

Sorry everyone, you can only have one,

You will never get another birthday, but, rather

a birth date if you are breathing, or not, you will still be remembered,

This date can be remembered along with others that celebrate with you,

I will never remember my own birthday, it took someone else to inform me,

Some people don’t even have that, they don’t know the day or date,

sorrowful chord,

Certificates, pictures,photographs, videos, home movies tales and stories,

that I cannot even remember, yet, some will never even get the home movie or memories,

Hearsay, I can only hear and say concerning these events.

There is no real proof, nor is it needed, what? Proof,

who can prove a birthday without a camera? but time,

As one develops and memories emerge, these are factual,

Other tales of me are fables, they are like someone making

their own home movie of me,

Spiritually, and soul wise, I remember a new day referenced as spiritual birth,

that I can remember for my self, just as if it were yesterday,

but ,the date I can not recall and I didn’t take a notes,

The day my spirit and soul came alive, and I can remember,

The euphoria I felt, and the love given I can never explain or forget,

It was as if everyone who was, is, and ever shall be loved me at once,

In one day alongside God,

It was experiential, realizing that God loved the world, and so did I,

But, it was the presence of God with the reconciled to God,

I was full of gladness,

It was pure, and full of prosperity being born again, it is such an enigma,

only breath understands, and knows what a living soul really is,

I am still learning, and seeking to be enabled to punch out on the final day,

Be on time and not a minute tardy, whether I punched in early or late,

Time is parenthetical “Time” relating to or inserted as a parenthesis,

A quotation mark on each side, denoting punctuation that is indicative of

punch in and punch out correctly,

I didn’t know how to punch in, and parents could not punch me into life,

it is imperative that I know and understand,

that only I can punch my own time card out,

Moreover, to repent to do it before I do so,

not to owe any time to time, and

eternal doors will swing open to say welcome.