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The Tide and Sea Shells Call us Yonder

The pull of the Ocean


Walking on the Beach

We walked along a wind swept beach

Where tide and ocean reached

The sandy shell strewn expanse

Between high and low tide

Nature never stops to teach

Of seasons and sunshine and the never ending beauty

Of the beach.

Silver waves at dawn and dusk

Islands disappear in the mist

Every day the beach swept clean by continuous tides as they

Come and go flooding the sand and out to sea

Beauty of shells glistening on the shore

A fresh breeze pulling you towards the shore

Teasing your curls and tousling your braids

Whisking your hat and taking it far out of reach

Teaching you to leave your cares and burdens

At home in the cupboard and enjoy the day

Never take for granted a walk along a beach

Your spirit will be lifted and you will be transported

To a new place, normally out of reach.

Flooded with encouragement and grateful heart

Nature heals and draws you in to take part.

Of new experiences close to its heart♥️