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The Thrill of Browsing

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Breaking All The Rules

When I was young

I remember my mom and I going to all different stores

It was understood

Wherever we went

I could look but not touch

She didn't drive

So her sister would pick us up

If I was good

Sometimes we ate lunch at McDonalds

It never dawned on me

I was the youngest and not in school yet

So she had no choice but to bring me along

It didn't matter why

I just loved going to so many different stores

There were stores that aren't around today

Bradlees and Zayre which later became Ames

It was so much fun

So even fifty years later

I still get a thrill

Now I can pick up things and hold them in my hand

Just to put them back and say

It is really nice

A little expensive

I will wait and maybe it will go on sale

I will check on it again next time

Usually when time passes

So does the thought of buying

I even forget what I was looking at

At the time

It is the only thing on my mind

My mother would always look for a good deal

I never knew

My mother didn't have a lot of money

She didn't have a credit card to use

So she couldn't spend money she didn't have

That didn't stop her

From window shopping and dreaming

Those were great memories

I will never forget

A wonderful thank you to my Aunt Gerry

Who had a car and could drive

My mother and her were very close

My mother loved all her family

She showed that every chance she got

We also went food shopping

My mother and I would cut out coupons and try to save money

The more money saved

The more things we could buy

She would let us buy one sugar cereal for a treat

I got to pick out a package of cookies

Sometimes even what flavor ice cream

For the most part we ate healthy

Not too much room for junk food

I never remember wasting food

What we bought we had to eat

If we had leftovers

We would have them later in the week

We made sure we didn't waste food

We never had a lot

What we got

We sure did appreciate

Now my wife and I shop together

I try to do my best

To follow what my mother taught me

Lots of people aren't as blessed

They might not have any choice

So we count our blessings

Make due with what you have

You will make it

No matter what happens

Things could suddenly change

Where you might have to decide to eat or to go without

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