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The Thrill Of A Great Buy


Yard Sales Here I Come

There is something about getting a good deal

It is even better when you see a sign FREE

We saw a yard sale sign but had no time

We went for our second Covid -19 shot today

My wife feeling a little bit of relief

I was a little more apprehensive

I went because we do everything together

If it was just me

I probably would wait

I have always been pretty healthy

Now is no different

You hear all the sad stories

It is probably the smartest thing to do

So it is better to be safe than sorry

We had a little reaction from the first Maderna shot

My wife felt like someone punched her in her arm

No lines

No waiting both times

Everyone more than helpful and friendly

There is no charge

I feel bad for so many people who maybe can't get it

Because of health issues or other complications

Some people feel really sick for a day

We have to wait and see

So on the way home

We saw the same yard sale we passed two hours earlier

Out of sight

Out of mind

In my mind, if you don't go early

All the good stuff is gone

There was a big sign

The size of a small tree


That caught my interest

I picked up a few power tools and a small digital camera

I was so thrilled with the good deals

My wife said why not give them something

I agreed

First, she said ten dollars

Then we even went one step farther

We gave the lady a twenty

The lady said it is free

That is for being so nice

As we drove off

I don't know who's smile was bigger

We were both happy

She was happy to see her old stuff go

I was happy with all the wonderful things

On my own version of Let's Make A Deal


DREAM ON (author) on May 19, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE I don't know why that is. I loved the way HubPages use to be where you could just reply on anyone's hubs at any time. Now they are closed. Have you found a way that you can post comments on any hub? I always get to people's hubs when they are weeks old. Thank you for sharing your struggles when you see them. I keep a lot to myself. I have to be more open. Some things I just don't get. They aggravate me and frustrate me. So I toss them out of my mind instead of dealing with them one at a time. How is your day going? My day is going well so far. I am hoping for it to get even better.

DREAM ON (author) on May 19, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE Did you get your shots? I have friends who have decided they don't want to go. I think it is important for every person to decide for themselves. My wife and I have been blessed. I can't imagine not feeling well every day for months. So for us, it was a choice to try to stay safe. The littlest things become my greatest joys. Nobody else would care about an old drill. They rather have a new one. I just like one that works. I even go as far as to think how cool it was that somebody used this many times and it served them well. At least that is the thoughts that are in my head. Real or not. I guess I am one who loves to tinker. A tinkerer if there is such a thing. I try to make things that don't always come out good. Thank you for all your quick responses. May you enjoy the fun stuff. Then everything else that makes you feel bad disappears. At least for the moment.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 18, 2021:

Your comment isn't showing up on feed, but I can see it on the article

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 18, 2021:

So glad to know you both got along fine and the drill works.

Fantastic news!

DREAM ON (author) on May 18, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE I was just using the electric drill I got. It is old but it works fine. It is fun to touch and search through boxes of treasures. Both my wife and I did well with our second shot. I was a sore my wife a bit of headache. We went to bed early to get some extra sleep. Thank you so much for reading and caring. Another day and more fun to come.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 16, 2021:

Glad you snagged a great deal. I used to love yard sales, but around here people do it so much more online these days.

That takes all the fun out of it.

I hope you & your wife get along good with your second shot.

Take care.

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