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The Thousand Branches


The 1000 Branches

Stop getting lost is the thousand branches
Of knowledge; philosophy, poetry, sciences
their pit falls and their trenches

Halt! The conditioned mind will never reach the unconditioned
Stop searching for truth in the fruits, stems and leaves

What you seek exists in the True Root
Stop chasing every desire as it arises
Nothing is ever really what it seems

The tree and the body is the conditioned, the outer
The seed and the heart is the unconditioned, the inner

Where did the first seed come from?
Who created Adam and then Eve?
Where does all creation originate?
From which Hallowed ground does wisdom emanate?
Seek the Root where all branches of all phenomena constantly arise

The truth seeker and the mystic
Dedicate their entire lives to the Word
Stop confusing what you see with what IS
What you seek is found within the Depths
in the encounter with the Lord

Attainment of Supreme happiness lies in contemplation;
How things appear to be versus their reality
Stop using your eye to judge, it is utterly blind
- unable to see
Stop using your intellect, how can you
rationalize what minds cannot understand
They who hope to see God by the light of reason are blind
Reason is the primary cause of Separation

Every picture ever drawn only describes His beauty
Every song ever sung by men and birds only exalts His Magnificience
Every breath ever taken has only been for His sake
Did you ever pay heed to the sole purpose of your existence?

Proclaim: I am His
Offer your heart
Come what may
This is the stage
Everything is an actor
In God's Marvellous Play

© 2019 Mo Durrani

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