The Terminator RHYMES

Updated on November 7, 2017

The Terminator

John Connor

From 2029 a cyborg assassin.
Came to the earth on a mission.
On a mission to kill SARA CONNER.
The Cyborg was named TERMINATOR.
From the same year came a soldier.
On a mission to save Sara Conner.
He saves her from the first attack.
KYLE REESE makes sure he is there to protect.
Kyle explains that an artificial defense.
Skynet!!!!!Is planning a nuclear event.
Her future son will start a movement.
A powerful resistance movement.
Against Skynet and their machines.
Terminator is to keep it from happening.
Kyle and Sarah are apprehended by police.
While the Terminator repairs his body.
Terminator goes to the police station.
but Kyle and Sarah were not waiting.
They escaped. They knew he was coming.
He came but only ended up killing.
Killing many police officers.
While Kyle becomes Sarah's lover.
Months after defeating the terminator.
She finds she's pregnant with JOHN CONNOR.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Terminator
Micheal Biehn
Kyle Reese
Linda Hamilton
Sarah Conner

Terminator 2: Judgment day

Judgment Day

SARAH CONNER has been placed in a facility.
Because she was deemed crazy.
She was preparing her son JOHN CONNOR.
To become the Skynet leader.
Skynets aware he's the future.
So they send John a new killer.
An advanced prototype than before.
A liquid metal cyborg.
He mimics almost anything.
He has the ability of transforming.
Transforming his arms into blades.
Mimicking a policeman on the freeway.
While the future John Connor.
Sends a reprogrammed protector.
A terminator. With the same image.
Just has a different vision.
While John is in a shopping mall.
The cyborgs are in a brawl.
John and the Terminator escape.
The new killer decides to chase.
The terminator stops him in his track.
Then says to John that HE WILL BE BACK.
Meanwhile, they rescue Sarah Connor.
Fearing that she is in danger.
She's reluctant to trust at first.
John then convinces that it's a new birth.
They escape from the killer.
The Terminator reveals the big picture.
Informing that Skynet is creating machines.
That will kill all human beings.
She then goes and gathers some weapons.
She's going on a trip and needs protection.
Having nightmares about that very day.
The Terminator comes in to save the day.
They cyborgs engage in a brawl.
But in the end, the killer falls.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Edward Furlong
John Connor
Linda Hamilton
Sarah Conner
Robert Patrick

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines


JOHN CONNOR has gotten bigger.
Living off the grid after burying his mother.
The war Skynet projected.
Never Happened. Yet John still fears it.
So he hides from Skynet.
But they send the T-X.
To locate where he is.
On a mission to kill.
All members of the human resistance.
THE TERMINATOR returns to protect its targets.
John then finds KATE BREWSTER.
Kate thinks that John is a loser.
The T-X locates them both.
But the terminator is just as close.
Close to John and Kate.
Helps them to escape.
They go to John's mom grave.
She left weapons just in case.
Just in case Judgement day came.
The Terminator reveals it was delayed.
He then takes Kate and John away.
Knowing the T-X is on its way.
John then finds out that he later loses his life.
But also finds out that Kate is his wife.
The T-X continues to chase them.
While Machines are trying to kill them.
The cyborgs engage in a fight.
While John prepares to take flight.
The T-X reprograms the terminator.
To kill John and Kate.
But it stops its own fate.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Terminator
Nick Stahl
John Connor
Kristan Loken
Claire Danes
Kate Brewster



MARCUS WRIGHT is on Death row.
One day in prison he is approached.
Approached by Dr. Serena Kogan.
Wanting his body after his execution.
A year after, Skynet activates.
On a mission to eradicate.
Eradicate all humans in its way.
The event is known as judgment day.
JOHN CONNOR leads an attack on Skynet.
Where he discovers prisoners and schematics.
All needed to build a new Terminator.
Wright emerges, following his departure.
John returns back to headquarters.
After defying the General's orders.
John then discovers.
A signal that initiates a code.
Thay may shut down Skynet with that code.
The military plans to launch an offensive.
That'll terminate the staff of the resistance.
John learns that he is second on the list.
& learns that KYLE REESE is first on the list.
They don't of kyles importance.
but Skynet already knows it.
Meanwhile, Marcus arrives.
Meeting a mute child that survives.
A violent skirmish with machines.
Eventually, he and STAR become a team.
They are soon abducted by Skynet.
Later, they find Marcus purpose.
Marcus is a cyborg as well.
With his human image, you cannot tell.
John now fears for his life.
So he puts a bounty on Marcus Life.
John later finds out that Marcus.
Came to him with a bargain.
Marcus will rescue Kyle from Skynet.
If John agrees to let.
To let Marcus stay alive.
John agrees and gets inside.
Attempting to delay the offensive.
So he can free the human captives.
The resistance secretly hires John.
His plan to free the humans went on.
Marcus then enters the database.
Disables perimeters so John can take.
Take those prisoners to safety.
While Marcus they will try killing.
Killing John while they launch.
but Skynet destroys the plot.
Marcus destroys what links him to Skynet.
Then helps John defeat T-800.
The Battle wounds John's heart.
Marcus offers to give John his own heart.

Christian Bale
John Connor
Sam Worthington
Marcus Wright
Anton Yelchin
Kyle Reese
Roland Kickinger



JOHN fully leads Human Resistance.
He launches a final offensive.
But Skynet was prepared.
They sent a Terminator there.
Sent there to protect SARAH.
She called him pops because of his era.
KYLE arrives shortly after.
Then is intercepted by another.
But Sarah and POPS destroy it.
By pouring acid on it.
Meanwhile, they reveal they've constructed.
A time machine similar to Skynet's.
They travel to stop their purpose.
When they arrive. They're in police custody.
Given clothes and treated for their injuries.
They then learn that Skynet has changed.
Genisys is now its new name.
John appears and rescues the pair.
Pop arrives and reveals that he doesn't care.
John traveled back and helped form.
Genisys. He was also transformed.
He's now an advanced Terminator.
A nanocyte infiltrator.
The T-3000's always pursuing them.
But Pop finds ways to delay him.
But he survives every attempt.
But in the last one, it slips.
This causes time he doesn't survive.
& Genisys never comes online.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jay Courtney
Kyle Reese
Emily Clark
Sarah Connor
Jason Clarke
T-3000/ John Conner

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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