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The Tears I Left Behind...Poetry

I am a writer of poetry and fiction. I especially love flash fiction. My name is Ruby, and I live in Southern Illinois. I am a retired R.N.


Spring Is In The Air

The tears I left behind

Are they still moist? Or perhaps they dried in the misty chambers of emotions, yet to be defined

The rain depicting steamy shadows on my window pane inside

The day is dark and drab, alerting my muse to seasonal depression and the terror of watching my two worlds collide

Ah spring is just over the horizon, and I can feel it in the air

Buds emerging, birds singing, Bunnies hopping happily as they wander from their lair

My beautiful magnolia tree in full bloom, white blossoms soaking up the misty rain

They seem to be singing that old plea refrain

Rain, rain go away

Come back another day

I must admit my thought's are in tune with my sorrowful magnolia tree

Warm sunshine filling up my senses, feeling completely carefree

My psyche reminds me I've weathered many storms in the distant past

My muse ( Shane ) whispers " Don't forget They never, never last. "

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