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The Taste of Vodka

An artist,a poet at heart & a teacher by profession, pursuing masters in psychology now. Passionate about reading & writing the expressions.


Family Battle

After two years of a distant relation

I shifted to stay with my companion,

There I came to know for the first time

He was addicted to cigarettes and alcoholism,

Till now I considered them as hellish being

Who used to consume liquor or did smoking,

But now it was my fate to take it in my living,

As my sole partner was the one consuming,

I tried to run away, jump from the terrace or leave him.

When I called my relatives to tell about this thing

They asked me to adjust and take it as my fortune,

And since then I just argued or cried in agony,

While he tried me to understand that it was nothing,

For him, it was normal drinking or smoking,

After a tiring day to be merry and go for relaxing.

Once I took the used butt of him

And lighted to feel the smoking

That was worst of all the things

That I had ever attempted,

Thus, our battle continued.

A Vodka Challange

We all had gone for some celebration

To have some moments of fun,

He was drinking with his friends

And I looked at him with disgust,

One of his friends notice me,

And he put up a challenge,

"If you can walk even three steps

After having just a little peg,

Our friend will never ever drink."

I felt blessed, it was nothing

At least I could help him in quitting

Not just one I had four full pegs

And after having that I was walking

Just to show that I was winning

But soon started the head spinning

And I was continuously vomiting,

It was a horrible experience of that drinking

But with that was an amazing feeling

I was in some dreamy world hallucinating

There I knew why people were drinking.


Is it okay to drink?

© 2020 Anupam Mitu

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