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The Taste Of Her


Do you know the day I knew I loved you

we're in bed - it's early

the sun is barley peaking thru the blinds

you're laying in bed on your side facing me - the sheets are perfectly white

the walls are white

your eyes are bright full of blue piercing into mine

a perfectly brown curl falls gently over your eye

everything is so clear

and your beautiful body lies next to mine


you're looking at me and all I can think is how doesn't she know I love her the way I am looking at her in this moment

the way I have never looked at another woman

we laugh because the starring is becoming unbearable

you kiss me and I climb on top of you to kiss every inch of your body

to run my lips across your smooth skin and have one more taste of you

there is nothing more exhilarating than having my hands on your hips and tasting you

feel the way your body responds to each of my movements

the quiver your body makes while my hands hold you tightly and my tongue presses harder against you

to feel every inhale and exhale grow deeper while I lick your truth and strip you down with each taste of your love

there has never been a body more perfect than the one I hold now

every curve