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The Tale of the Beast


Hello, hello thy stranger one
Have you ever heard of thy name?
Commonly sought by the cringe of the gun
And the brittles of the ashes and flame.

Heard them have you by tales of the tongue
The legend of the greater Abyss?
Where the beat of a heart in the grace of meringue
Has been shunned and been loathed by beast

I know that you know all the things that I know
'Bout the wind and the whispers of fame
Where once upon a beat in some few mistakes ago
It was the wrecking of the heart of thy name.

For once upon a time in the desert of lies
Once stand a museum of art
But luck then depart the game of the dice
When the player starts falling apart.

Now tell me oh tell me thy stranger one,
Oh where can I find find the beast
The one who's been broke and who took out the sun
From thy kingdom beloved in the east.

A heart that's been broke is a heart that's been loved
But it was a many many years ago
The legend of thy name how it howls up above
To the moon for it cannot let go

Heard it have you the cry of the night
The echoing heartache of eve?
For it suffers so much for loving the light
As it howls for the love it can't leave.

To know the story of a long time ago
And the beat of the heart of the beast
Is a better of tale to be told in a show
Perhaps, someone can love it at least.

© 2020 Clark Sanchez

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