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The Symphony of Life: Stressed Without Structure

Each one of my poems and short stories are little pieces of my heart and soul. I don't like to share them but someone told me I should...

The Symphony of Life

In time your demons will grow weaker

As the anthem rigorously continues to beat

As the deafening crescendo grows near

As the notes continue to keep

The time of that painful screech

The excruciating blast of the horns

Pick up speed in your direction

With intentions of forcing a deep breath

Directly into the tattered and blackened lungs

Of our tortured souls with every pause of the score

Standing in hesitation and bottling each reservation

We can’t help but hide them in our back pocket

Don’t forget to hold your breath

While waiting for the impatience to end

After each restful count lingers on

The orchestra of life rewrites

Every instrumental piece of

The new scale strengthening with

The courage to step onto the stage

The octave changes to create a new sound

Allowing the audience to breathe in deep

With every unbearable pause followed by

One loud beat that leaves every ghastly chair

At the edge of surrender as soon as it arrives

The final period of a long anticipated rest

Binds the ties together causing each soul

To realize this is just the beginning

Of the climatic cleansing just before

The end of the score

A score quickly and chaotically jotted

On the lines of the sheets dictating the lives

Of those that are no longer unique

Individuals walking aimlessly

Throughout life with a desperation

To end this lonely stretch of silence

Middling the center of the song

Came the point of moderation

Often exaggerated between light and breezy

Because this part is often described as easy

The point of fluttering high hopes for

This persistent dream of finally meeting

A wild spirit just resting and waiting

Lying to ourselves would be an understatement

As we slowly lose the battle every time

We desperately cling to every new addiction

And fight to find a way to continue to hear

What we want rather than what we need

Finally, the ending is not

The death of this newly empowered soul

The last note sounds the loud yet clearest

As the instruments ready for the final decrescendo

I know escape from every piercing set of eyes

Seems unimaginable next to monsters of lies

And side by side the demons we hide behind

Each iris coated with darkness

Confined to colors full of doubt

Yet each of us still scream out loud

Every single hurtful jab in protest

We become consumed in darkness

With an obsession of every unmet standard

And relentless expectation of failure

No, you’re someone that truly deserves

To finally acknowledge the importance

Of your inevitable realization:

Someday you’ll understand

That the only approval you ever needed

Was none other than yours alone

You’ll understand and remind yourself

You were always good enough

Even though you might not always see it

Simply allowing yourself to become

The most significant priority in life

Will shed grateful instead of hurtful tears

Over your eyes to wash that pain away

At the end of the orchestra of life

We can only hope to find peace of mind

© 2021 Grace Peterson

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