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The Survivor


Tangled in the web of lies

Having to forget who she is

Even though she feels lost.

Suffering in silence,

Until there is nothing left.

Ready to give up

Very close to the edge

Initially lost, suspended in time

Very upset with how things are going

On the edge and ready to jump

Ready to call it quits at any moment.

Losing herself to the thoughts

Inside of her head.

Throwing away her thoughts,

Thinking about the new

Beginnings yet to come.

© 2020 Emily


Emily (author) from Georgia on March 25, 2020:

Thank you ma'am. Yes there is a lot going on right now, with the world as crazy as it is at the moment. I too pray that we can all recover after this is all over.

Kathy Henderson from Pa on March 25, 2020:


Your poem has a very telling mood. Many are experiencing deep feelings and emotions in this season. I pray they too can hold to those new beginnings yet to come. There is always renewal in sacrifice, sadly it is often hindsight that brings clarity. A new day is coming!

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