The Sunset Poem

Updated on January 5, 2018
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Dabby Lyric has been a poet for 17 years. She enjoys dabbling into many genres and forms of the art. She writes to inspire others.


Pink, orange, purple

red, yellow and blue

are the colors of you.

Wishing upon stars

Gazing upon the Heavens-

protected by spirits…from afar.

Praying for answers,

which I seek.

Waiting to hear:

The voice of strength

The voice of courage

The voice of wisdom

The voice of God.

Waiting to see

that Divine Light

reign down on me.

Waiting to feel

its spiritual rays

in my soul.

Waiting to smell

nature’s essence

adorn my skin.

Waiting to taste

My Father’s

Bread of Life.

Waiting to see


The Sunset.

© 2018 Dabby Lyric


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